Root-Technology Designation System
  • Root-Technology Designation System is to promote and nurture companies which hold core root-technologies in Root-Industry, a foundation of domestic manufacturing industry, appointing them as Root-Technology specialized companies, supporting them with technology development, financing, and human resource to become technology leading companies with global competitiveness.
 Definition of Root-Technology Specialized Company
  • It is defined under the article 2 in Promotion and Modernization of Root-Industry Act that it is a company utilizing six (6) root-technologies (Casting, Molding, Plastic Working, Welding, Surface Finishing, Heat Treatment) during manufacturing process.
 Definition of Root-Technology
  • Forming Process of Product
    • Casting : It is a manufacturing process in which a liquid metal material melted in a furnace at high temperature is poured into a mold solidifying to form a desired shape.
    • Molding : It is a manufacturing process by shaping a liquid metal material to a desired frame in order to mass-produce a product with the same shape and size.
    • Plastic working : It is a manufacturing process to form a desired shape by applying external force to material deforming it permanently.
    • Welding : It is a fabrication that joins material (metal or non-metal) by causing fusion with heat and pressure.
  • Application Process of Special Characters to Material
    • Heat Treatment : The process is to apply heating or chilling intentionally in order to achieve a desired status of a material altering its properties.
    • Surface Finishing : It is an industrial process altering the surface of material with physical or chemical application of metallic or non-metallic material to achieve certain properties, such as improvement of appearance and resistance, or application of certain functions.
 Core Root-Technology in Shin Young
  • Designation System : Molding
  • Core Root-Technology : Welding Material Technology for light-weight alloy