Research Field
 Product Design & Analysis Technology

Independent automotive body design technology
– Electric vehicle part design

Optimized analysis technology
– Automotive body structure and crash analysis
– Sheet forming analysis in cold/warm/hot forming
– Springback/Flow/Cooling Analysis

 Product Forming Technology

Hot Press Forming
– Localization of Die Manufacturing Technology
– Manufacturing of auto parts with ultra-high strength steel
– Heating technologies for materials applying conductive Heating

Roll Forming
– A continuous auto-process of inserting and extracting material between Rolls and Press

Light-weight Material Forming Technology
– Aluminum, Magnesium, and CFRP

3D Printing(Additive manufacturing) Trimming Technologies
– Manufacturing of Parts, Mold Tool and Fixture

 Product Assembly Technology

Mechanical Assembly Technology
– Refill FSSW(Friction Stir Spot Welding)
– SPR(Self Pidrce Rivet)
– FDS(Flow Drill Screwing)&RIVTAC(Tack Rivet)

Fusion Welding Technology
– Laser Welding & Laser Arc Hybrid
– SPOT Welding & Cold Metal Transfer

Welding Quality Evaluation System
– Mobile-based wireless welding quality evaluation
– Precise measurement with C-Scan

 Production Technology

Development of Shin Young’s own unique body assembly system
– JIG Less
– Flexible Manufacturing
– Lean Production

Digital Factory
– Security of Simulation Capability
– Establishment of professional manpower pool and Infra structure