Chairman Ho-Gap Kang

A company steadily aiming for advanced technology and superior quality

There are people preparing for a brighter and stronger future through glorious and difficult moments. SHIN YOUNG will proudly show customers its steady work ethic and willingness for satisfying products now and even in the future.

I would like to welcome and thank you for your interest in SHIN YOUNG.

SHIN YOUNG, specialized in vehicle body parts and the manufacture of Tool & Die, was founded from ‘SHIN-A Metal’ in 1990s. After undergoing restructure and reorganization, SHIN YOUNG continuously focuses on R&D, investment and improvement on facilities and finally management innovation in order to become a global leader in automotive industry.

It has been over 40-year that SHIN YOUNG overcame numerous challengers and obstacles as its continuous effort for technology development and business innovation never stopped. It is our main goal to achieve “Global Management” with proactive measures in order to survive and thrive in this unpredictable business environment.

I would like to invite you all to become eyewitnesses for the evolution of SHIN YOUNG, the Global Company with respected technology and product.